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AHC Premium EX Hydra B5 Biome Capsule Concentrate strengthens your skin with a boost of probiotics and prebiotics. Give your skin what it needs to glow.

Product Details

Moisturizing and Soothing Care

Skin Bio Balance Ampoule Serum with lactobacillus from probiotics in the Blue Biome capsules helps balance and strengthen skin's moisture and overall condition

  • Skin health care with lactobacillus and prebiotics

    *150 million (in 1 drop = approx. 2 mL) lactobacillus cultivated with a patented method and prebiotics that help their activation keep the skin's bio film barrier moisturized, making skin healthier (*Patent no. 10-2074383)

  • Microliposome Technology

    The patented microliposome technology contains lactobacillus in liposome that effectively delivers active ingredients to the skin. (*Patent no. 10-0682531)

  • Powerful yet mild hydration of high-purity hyaluronic acid and panthenol

    The high-purity core ingredients, Derma hyaluronic acid and D-panthenol (vitamin B5) with added natural ingredients offer powerful hydration with a mild prescription. * Derma hyaluronic acid: an ingredient certified by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) * D-panthenol: a highly pure ingredient made by DSM, a global ingredient manufacturer.


Daily Treatment

In the ampoule stage, dispense a sufficient amount and spread the contents over your entire face. Dab to help absorption.


Brand Ambassadors

Yeonseo Oh

Whether on the screen or in everyday life, she constantly shines in various fields of interest.  Her unwavering and enterprising attitude has driven her to, transform herself and not being satisfied with her current status. She personifies the journey of beauty AHC advocates.

Yeonseo Oh

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