Best Eye Cream Guide: How to Apply It Like a Pro

The delicate eye area is one of the first parts of the face that show visible signs of aging. This is not only because it is surrounded by fewer hydrating oil glands and visibly thinner skin than the rest of the face. Your eyes are also frequently at work from blinking, squinting, and creating other facial expressions. In such a delicate area impacted by constant movement and dryness, it is no surprise that fine lines, wrinkles, and other aging indicators can easily form. Therefore, your eye area requires an additional level of attention within your skincare routine. 

If you are looking for the best eye cream products to address these concerns, opt for a specifically formulated product with the needs and texture of this area in mind. A cream that targets fine lines, dullness, elasticity, and hydration is ideal for this purpose.

A 2-in-1 product like AHC Pure Real Eye Cream For Face works as an anti-aging cream for the eyes and entire face. Once applied, it is immediately absorbed into the skin without greasy residue. It can even be used on all areas of your face to give you a moisturised and healthy appearance. When adding this indispensable product to your skincare routine, ensure that you are getting the most out of its versatility by following our helpful guide below.


How to Incorporate Eye Cream into Your Skincare Routine

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Use AHC Pure Real Eye Cream For Face as part of your daily morning and evening skincare regimen.

The AHC Pure Real Eye Cream For Face offers effective anti-aging solutions to improve the appearance of wrinkles while also moisturising, soothing and firming the skin. It was developed as a highly efficacious yet gentle eye cream that can also be used as a face cream. It’s a multi-functional product that offers several benefits and suitable even for sensitive skin. Use this award-winning product as part of your daily morning and evening beauty rituals to see maximum results!

In the morning, apply the product as the second last step in your skincare regimen before sun protection. If you’re wearing makeup, the product also works as a primer to help you apply your makeup better and extend its staying power. It’s applied directly before makeup to even out the skin’s texture, without affecting the finish of any product that you use over it. Containing 91% natural ingredients, including oleanolic acid for visible wrinkle reduction and Salvia miltiorrhiza root extract to soothe the skin, this multitasking formula is suitable for sensitive skin and creates the optimum surface for any makeup application, helping you look your best.

In the evening, after you have removed your makeup and washed your face with a cleansing product, use it to target any signs of aging around the eye area directly. After applying your toner and serum, as the last step of your night time routine, dispense a small amount of the cream around your eyes and pat gently. Allow the product to work its effect as you sleep.

AHC Pure Real Eye Cream For Face’s formula was created with the Ultrafine Microemulsion system, with its natural ingredients broken down to 1/200 the size of pore. This technology allows them to penetrate the skin, deeper and more rapidly, while the cream barely leaves any sticky or weighted layer on the skin’s surface. With this, feel free to apply an additional layer of the cream on areas of the face that need a little extra attention and softening, such as dry patches or textures.


How to Apply Your Eye Cream as a Moisturising Cream for the Eyes and Entire Face


 To ensure you are getting the best results from your eye cream, follow our expert’s step-by-step guide below:

- Step 1: Apply a thin line of eye cream across your forehead and down the bridge of your nose, covering the T-Zone.

- Step 2: Apply three dots of eye cream under your eyes and directly onto your smile lines, starting from the sides of your nose to the sides of your mouth.

- Step 3: Starting from your chin and moving upwards towards your ear, apply the cream along your jawline. Then, add a few drops to your neck in two horizontal lines.

- Step 4: Gently massage the product starting from under your eyes and moving your fingers from the middle of your face outwards towards your ears. Then, move down and continue to massage the next area outwards towards the ears.

- Step 5: Next, massage the cream from left to right into your forehead area, using your ring, middle, and index fingers for optimum pressure until all the product is fully absorbed.

- Step 6: Massage the cream along the bridge and sides of your nose, then onto your cheeks with outward strokes.

- Step 7: Use your fingers to massage the cream onto your jawline gently. Move from your chin upwards, towards your ears in a lifting motion. Finally, massage the remaining cream on your neck into the area using light pressure and an upward movement.

- Step 8: Use the tips of your fingers to gently press the cream into the area around your eyes to aid absorption. Start under the eyes and work your way up towards your temples.

- Step 9: Then, use your thumbs to massage your skin in a lifting motion towards your cheeks. Forming your hands into fists, massage your jawline from the chin upwards to increase circulation and gently lift the skin.

Watch this video to learn 3 ways to achieve healthy, bright and youthful skin with AHC Eye Cream for Face.


Insider beauty tip:

If you have dry skin, you can apply two layers of Eye Cream for Face, letting the second layer double up as a primer. In contrast, those whose skin is on the oily or combination side may only want to apply one layer or only on selected areas. This hot favourite with Korean makeup artists helps create the perfect canvas for products to blend seamlessly onto the face (rather than ‘sit’ on the surface of the skin) whilst also keeping your makeup in place longer.

Used as both an anti-aging moisturiser and a makeup primer, the versatility of the Eye Cream for Face makes it an undeniable essential to your daily beauty regime. To discover more skincare tips, explore our other articles, and browse our range of AHC products for all your skin needs.

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