Masking 101: Choosing the Best Korean Sheet Mask for You

Sheet masks are an essential step in your beauty routine. Each sheet contains concentrated ingredients that offer instant and long-term results by targeting common skincare concerns such as dryness, skin sensitivity, or aging. A masking process also allows you to take some downtime for yourself through its duration, making it a pampering treat. Incorporate this step into your skincare routine by choosing masks with ingredients and benefits that directly address your beauty concerns.

Explore our guide below to help you decide on the best Korean sheet mask for your skin.

An AHC infographic about a guide to use sheet masks

For Hydration


Well-moisturised skin gives off a healthy and radiant appearance. If your skin feels dry or rough, a moisturising sheet mask can help to combat this. Use the AHC Premium Hydra Soother Skin Fit Mask for an additional boost of hydration. This mask is soaked in an entire bottle of serum! It contains a patented NMF (natural moisturizing factor) ingredient for intensive hydration and vitamin B5 Panthenol, which softens and maintains the skin’s health. Apply your mask onto freshly cleansed skin.

If you’re looking for a sheet mask that hydrates your skin with more natural ingredients, the AHC Natural Essential Mask Aqua Nourishing is the product to use. This 100% cotton sheet mask brightens dull skin with its natural plant extracts to give you a healthy glow. Formulated with the patented moisturising ingredient Aqua Ceramide, it leaves the skin deeply moisturised and smooth without a sticky feeling.


For Brightening


When your complexion appears dull or lacklustre, incorporate a Korean sheet mask with brightening properties into your beauty routine. Ingredients such as vitamin C and lemon extract can achieve this; you can find them in the AHC Premium Vital C Complex Cellulose Mask. The cellulose sheet, which feels like a second layer of skin, hugs the face’s contours, ensuring maximum, quick product absorption. The mask comes soaked in one full bottle of serum, and its brightening formula energises skin and offers long-lasting radiance.  

If your skin requires an added boost of hydration and a brightening result, the AHC Natural Essential Mask Aqua Brightening is an effective solution. This mask is soaked in a mild essence, formulated with 93% natural ingredients with brightening and softening properties – including fruit and plant extracts. An additional dosage of hydration is delivered to the skin with AHC’s patented moisturising ingredient Aqua Ceramide, giving you a healthy glow. 


For Anti-Aging


A packshot of three AHC premium Hydra Gold Foil Mask on a white background.

The AHC Premium Hydra Gold Foil Mask contains three layers of gold foil for ultimate hydration.

As we get older, the face can visibly lose its firmness and radiance. Anti-aging ingredients need to be delivered deep into the skin to combat this, revitalising it from within.

To achieve an effective serum-absorption, the AHC Premium Hydra Gold Foil Mask uses a unique triple-layer gold foil. Inspired by a well-known Korean spa technique, this mask makes use of a heat-reflective foil, a central matrix, and a fabric Tencel layer. This composition traps the skin’s natural warmth to create a ‘steam’ effect, which opens the face’s pores. The more open your pores are, the easier it is for your skin to absorb the active ingredients contained in the mask. These ingredients include Hyaluronic Acid and vitamin B5, which provide hydration and firmness, for visible anti-aging results.

If sagging skin is your main concern, target the issue with a sheet mask that contains intense firming ingredients. The AHC Premium Peptide 5 Complex Skin Fit Mask includes a patented Plankton Extract and Peptide5 Complex that provides rich nutrients to the skin. This formulation improves elasticity, which leaves you with a more lifted and refreshed appearance.


For Calming 


A packshot of three AHC Natural Essential Mask Aqua Calming with a white background.

Care for sensitive or irritated skin with AHC’s Natural Essential Mask Aqua Calming.

Adding a calming sheet mask to your beauty routine is one of the swiftest solutions to soothe irritated skin. When choosing a mask for distressed or sensitive skin, look for an essence that contains a high concentration of all-natural ingredients. Made with plant-based extracts chosen for optimal skin tolerance, AHC Natural Essential Mask Aqua Calming gently revitalises stressed skin. Centella asiatica plant and Viscum album (Mistletoe) fruit extract offer a soothing effect while the patented Aqua Ceramide provides added hydration.

In addition to offering an immediate calming effect to your face, a sheet mask can help boost the skin’s natural resilience so that it is less sensitive in the long-term. Formulated with a patented Carob Seed extract, the AHC Premium Cica 3 Complex Skin Fit Mask helps strengthen the skin’s protective barrier and supports skin healing. With this, your skin will less easily be triggered by environmental factors, staying visibly healthier and less-stressed for longer.


How to Use a Sheet Mask


1. After cleansing your face, prime the skin with a toner.
2. Place the sheet mask directly onto the face and adjust it as needed around the 3. eyes, nose, and mouth.
4. If there is any excess serum left in the packet, apply it to the neck or body as required.
5. With the sheet mask still on, gently massage the face with your fingertips with a tapping motion.
6. Leave the mask on for 10-20 minutes or as directed on the packet.
7. Peel the mask gently off the face to remove it.
8. Massage the remaining serum into the skin by using a tapping motion that facilitates better absorption.


Tip: For best results, refrigerate your mask before use until the thermometer on the back of the packet turns green. The cooling temperature of the mask further soothes the skin.

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of sheet masks, see what AHC can offer for your needs.


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