What Causes Dry Skin and 5 Ways to Treat the Condition

The journey to achieving a flawless, glowing complexion can be challenging, especially if you have dry skin. Ever wondered what causes dry skin? Dry skin occurs when our skin's natural oils are stripped and cannot retain enough moisture due to genetic and lifestyle factors. This condition often leads to unwanted skin tightness, roughness, redness, and itchiness. Don't worry; you're not alone. This condition is more common than you may think. So if you're on a mission to fuelling your dry skin with more hydration, innovative skincare products, and a tailored routine can get you back on track. 


What Causes Dry Skin?


Internal Causes of Dry skin


You might suffer from dry skin as a result of internal influencers like hereditary and lifestyle factors. Interestingly, our genes impact our skin type, so dry skin may be in your DNA. Many people are born with less oil-producing glands or suffer from genetic skin conditions like atopic dermatitis which results in dry skin.

Stress can also be a contributing factor to dry skin. A stressful lifestyle or season prompts your body to release the hormone cortisol, disrupting the skin's moisture retention and oil production, leading to dry, flaky and spot-prone skin.

Additionally, did you know that aging triggers dry skin? Occurrences of sweat glands, natural hyaluronic acid, as well as elasticity depletion lead your skin to lose its ability to hold sufficient water content, resulting in a rougher texture.


External Causes of Dry Skin


When it comes to external factors, the leading dry skin culprits are right in front of us. A simple change of weather can lead to your skin drying out. Heat, cold, wind and dry air can unsettle our skin's barrier function and cause dehydration, especially in extreme weather.

Unfortunately for many of us, living or commuting in the city can increase dry skin chances. Pollution is known to be a skincare villain when it comes to dryness, weakening the skin's lipid barrier that holds water. Smoke, dust, smog and fumes let off particles that can leave skin dry, weak or irritated.

Your skincare routine may also be contributing to dry skin. Using harsh products on your face loaded with ingredients like alcohol, fragranced essential oils, menthol, and witch hazel can lead to aggravation, making it harder for your skin to heal from dehydration. Cleansing incorrectly can also irritate dry skin, so avoid soapy, bubbly cleansers that strip away the natural oils in your skin. The post-cleansing "squeaky clean" texture on your skin might feel like your cleanser has done an effective job, but in truth, it might have overdone it.


How Should You Treat Dry Skin, Then?


AHC ex hydra b5 product range

AHC Premium Ex Hydra B5 product range offers an abundance of hydrating ingredients suitable for dry skin.


1. Pick a Gentle Cleanser


The ideal formula for a gentle cleanser is one which removes makeup, dead skin cells and dirt while hydrating the skin. Choose a hypoallergenic product that doesn’t clog pores. Stays clear of harsh chemicals and retains your skin's natural moisture levels is amongst the best skincare advice for dry skin.

Enriched with moisture, AHC Premium Ex Hydra B5 Soothing Foam helps to combat dryness caused by harmful cleansers. It cleanses sensitively into calm stressed skin with soothing botanical ingredients like aloe vera, liquorice, and peony. Containing ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid and moisturising vitamin B5, this leaves you with supple, comfortable, and refreshed skin.


2. Choose Hydrating Ingredients


If you have dry skin, your skincare saviour needs to offer an abundance of hydrating ingredients.

Where to start? For building up the skin's barrier and restoring dry skin, hyaluronic acid is your go-to pick. Our skin naturally contains this molecule, but when applied synthetically it attracts and draws in water – so it's no surprise our skin loves soaking in it. Next, there's niacinamide, a cell-communicating ingredient that encourages the skin's barrier to produce healthy, renewed skin cells, preventing further water loss. Lastly, if you are looking for a hydrating ingredient that works wonders, vitamin B5, which absorbs moisture from the air to moisturise dry skin intensely, will be your best bet.

The AHC Premium Ex B5 Hydra Soother serum is formulated for dry, flaky skin that struggles to hold makeup. It's filled with a mild concoction of hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5 and natural ingredients that improve damaged skin and offer a skin-soothing effect.

Incorporate it with the AHC Premium Ex Hydra B5 Emulsion for a moisturiser packed with hydration. Clinically proven to recharge moisture and heal dead skin cells instantly, this lightweight cream contains the powerful duo of hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 to replenish dry and sensitive skin.


3. Mask Regularly with Hydrating Sheet Masks


asian woman using ahc face mask

Sheet masks are good complements to your skincare routine, as you can use them anytime you like.

Whether you have a dry, oily, or combination complexion, face masks are among the most effective treatments for dehydrated skin. Penetrating active ingredients directly into your skin, they lock in moisture and leave you with a fresh, plump base.

Sheet masks, which are face-shaped fabrics that soak skin with nutrients, go one step further. Uniquely infused with water, they offer skin the ultimate hydrating remedy. What's more, the mask material traps moisture into your skin, preventing the much-needed nutrients from evaporating.


4. Moisturise & Seal in Hydration


ahc real eye cream

AHC Age Defense Real Eye Cream for Face is clinically proven to improve 7 kinds of wrinkles in 7 days.

After applying your face mask, it's time to lock in that moisture. Moisturising may be the final step in the process of combating dry skin, but it is the key to sealing in all the goodness. To gain maximum hydration, apply a serum first.

For the moisturising step, use the AHC Age Defense Real Eye Cream for Face, which is clinically proven to improve 7 kinds of wrinkles in just 7 days. It hydrates the outer skin layers for 48 hours and moisturises the entire face. Known for improving wrinkles, dullness, and skin elasticity, this will fast become your daily skincare pick. The main benefits? Healthier and stronger skin thanks to its formulation containing Gold PeptiveTM and Power Golden Thread Complex that provides superior anti-aging and nourishing skin benefits.


5. Avoid Contributing Factors


Whilst using the best skincare for dry skin in your daily routine, there are several lifestyle switches you can make to prevent prolonged dry skin. These include:

  • Taking a detour from the city area:

Exposure to polluted air can lead to free radicals entering your skin, causing damage to the deeper layers. Avoid walking through traffic-heavy areas.

  • Protecting skin from sun exposure:

Apply sunscreen with SPF every day to avoid harmful UV rays from the sun. Otherwise, this can lead to dry skin, dehydration, and skin pigmentation.

  • Staying hydrated:

Whilst drinking more water can't cure skin dryness, the fluid flushes your system, hydrates cells, improves radiance, and helps your skin eliminate toxins.

  • Reducing the time spent in a hot bath:

Exposure to hot water can strip away the skin's natural fats that hold in moisture, which is why hot baths or showers are known to dehydrate the skin.


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