Why You Need Serum in Your Basic Skincare Routine

A basic skincare routine is essential regardless of skin type, as it supports the skin and its functions. To create your basic skincare routine, you need to start from the basics. While cleansing and sun protection are no-brainer essentials, it’s good to understand why you shouldn’t exclude serum in the routine.

Serums, or also known as ampoules, have higher concentrations of various ingredient combinations depending on their focus. The serum step in a skincare routine is significant as that is where all the active ingredients can work and replenish the skin. Serums are often encased in pipette or pump bottles, due to their usual lightweight water or gel-based consistency. This also makes them excellent products to be layered on other products.

Serums are also particularly suitable for the evening routine. There is some evidence to suggest that nighttime is when your skin takes the chance to replenish and heal itself – this is why people with irregular sleeping patterns could have more skin issues. Furthermore, sundown is when more potent ingredients within serums can work without interaction with heat or sunlight. We highly recommend using your treatment serums during your evening skincare routine.

Read on to discover the importance and benefits of using serums in your routine – depending on your skin type and primary concerns.


The Importance of Using a Serum


Serums are highly concentrated formulas that are created so that active ingredients can deliver the best possible result for your skin. AHC products have been formulated based on the aesthetic skincare expertise of our team. As skincare results differ based on a product’s ingredient formulation and concentration, you can’t judge a serum merely by looking at its ingredient list. This is why informed skincare users are willing to spend a little more to reap the benefits of hard-working serums that will target specific needs.


How to Apply Serum?


beautiful woman dropping watery serum into her hand at home

Serums are lightweight formulas and are an important step in your skincare routine.

A basic skincare routine starts with cleansing and toning. The steps that come next are the application of the serum and moisturiser. Apply serum all over your face, neck, and decolletage with gentle patting motions.

Applying a moisturiser next is crucial to help the serum absorb properly, as it effectively locks in the moisture and nutrients that benefit your skin. This sealing effect is made possible due to the occlusives – agents found in most moisturisers – that create a ‘film’ on the face to help the absorption of product and ensure the moisture won’t dissipate from your skin. Don’t forget to top it off with sunscreen in your morning routine and other specialised treatments in the evening, should you need any. Always apply the serum on a fleshly cleansed face and never let the product’s nozzle or pipette touch your face directly, as this can introduce bacteria into the product.

You might be wondering how you can target different concerns with just one serum. The answer is simple: you can create a ‘cocktail’ of serums by layering and combining two different products based on your needs. A serum cocktail or layering is a popular skincare trend that has grown in the last few years as it allows you to create a customised and targeted routine without buying new products. Your needs can change depending on the season, just as your skin can change through the year.

Before you layer on two different serums, we recommend undergoing a patch test or a dermatologist’s consultation. To conduct a patch test:

  1. Apply a small amount of the products on an unnoticeable area of your face, e.g., near your ear.
  2. Leave overnight and observe up to 24 hours for any reactions to the serum combination.


    How to Choose the Right Serum Based on Your Skin Needs


    AHC B5 Ex Hydra Soother

    You can target a multitude of issues with the right serums.

    Now that you know how a serum works and how to apply it, let’s find out the various available serum options focusing on three common issues: sensitivity, aging, and dullness.

    When it comes to sensitive skin, you should choose skincare products with hydrating and soothing ingredients. Sensitive skin can also be reactive to changes in weather and can feel tight. The AHC Premium Ex Hydra B5 Soother is a lightweight and highly moisturising formula that contains panthenol and five types of hyaluronic acid for deep repair and hydration. The botanicals within the serum offer an essential and much-welcome calm and comfort to your sensitive skin. For a good dose of hydration, apply a thick layer of the product after the toner step. This serum is also a great emergency rescue for whenever your skin feels more sensitive, or when you experience redness, even if your skin is not sensitive.

    For aging skin, skincare’s focus is to protect the skin and target any damage that has already occurred. The potent mix of vitamins C and E in the AHC 365 Red Serum are excellent antioxidants that will address such issues and promote long-term skin rejuvenation. There are also botanical antioxidants in the formula that will help with anti-aging and overall skin brightening. This serum will increase skin hydration, working as a saving grace for aging skin which can appear dry and saggy due to environmental and lifestyle factors.

    To effectively target skin dullness, you should look no further than the power of vitamin C. The AHC Peony Bright Luminous Serum contains two forms of vitamin C that will help to even out your skin and bring radiance. It also includes hydrating ingredients that promote skin hydration. On top of all that, the pink peony extracts within the serum provide an extra dose of brightness that your dull skin desperately craves. With its formula of ingredients, this serum is clinically proven to clarify and brighten your skin.

    As you can see, serums are vital for every basic skincare routine because of their powerful active ingredients and lightweight consistency. Choose a suitable serum based on your main skin concerns and needs, so you will get the most effective results in your skincare routine.

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